I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy Music Video - Pete Wentz by elijahdominicfan featuring long sleeve shirts
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The way he sings in A story about a girl… so perfect.

I love that video so much, but it’s not actually PJ singing.

the music is by Christopher Smith



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Woah, woah, woah…


Hold up guys,

I am just realizing that Brendon Urie sings on 20 Dollar Nose Bleed. Wow, where the fuck have I been?

Although, is it just me, or are their voices easy to confuse? Just me? 

Anyways, disappointed in myself for figuring this out so late O.O

I confuse them a lot too in that song, same with one of those nights by the cab! But Brendon’s voice has a more theatrical tone to it where as patrick sounds a bit more punk… if that makes sense! 

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Rebel Without a Cause: Only Human || Carter & Thalia


Carter smiled. “Not ticklish? Damn, there goes my best weapon. And don’t worry, I’ve seen enough snow for the both of us to last a life time.” He laughed and sipped his drink. As usual, Carter remained oblivious to the fact that Thalia was flirting with him, or of the close…

Carter smiled as she talked about her stomach flipping. His own insides sank sadly as he realized he had never felt like that. “I write them from what other people say. I wrote Vacancy after a conversation a friend of mine had about his fiancée. I just channel over people’s emotions I guess.” His tone was slightly darker, almost bitter. They walked through the lobby and into the elevator. Once they were inside, Carter hit the button for the tenth floor, second from the top. He let go of Thalia and leaned against one of the walls, facing her. He casually gave her the once over with his eyes, raising and eyebrow and smiling crookedly through the side of his mouth. “You got lucky with that body, you know. She’s fucking hot.” Carter didn’t realize how flirty this must have come across. As they ascended, Carter’s mind drifted back to thoughts of love again. He thought of Madeline. This made him angry. Her heart deserved someone better than him. Why did she have to give it to someone who could never return it? He looked back at Thalia, seeing through her new body to the familiar expressions in her eyes. He tried to calm himself and looked away, searching for thoughts to distract himself.
The elevator dinged and Carter helped Thalia down the hall, unlocking is room and guiding her inside. He collapsed onto his bed with her resting against him.

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source link please? <3
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Runaway folk: {Sweet and Salty} Carter & Lily




Carter nodded, his face set in a thoughtful expression, almost dreamy. “I love instruments. I haven’t played anything in so long. I was actually hoping to buy a guitar aorund here, but I haven’t found anything yet. I really miss piano.” He kicked his foot as he walked,…

Carter rushed after her into the shop. He was so excited for the yogurt that he didn’t even notice that she was holding his hand until she let go. He decided it was best to ignore it. “Woah, chocoholic over here.” he grinned and bumped her shoulder lightly with his arm. He looked back at the girl. “I’ll have a raspberry fudge swirl frozen yogurt with chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles please.” He handed her his credit card and punched in the numbers. The girl looked him up and down and gave him a flirty look, but Carter remained totally oblivious and took more notice in the long list of different paninis available.

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{A Taste Of What You Paid For} Carter & Belle



Carter ran his fingers across his eyebrows and rubbed circles on his temples, eyes closed. He sighed and picked up the glass in front of his, swirling the brown liquid around in the bottom before taking another sip. The bar was fairly empty, except a few people at booths and stools and such. His…

Feeling a bit brave, Belle reaches over to hold Carter’s hand, gently taking away his glass, which was almost empty anyway. “C-Carter?” she begins, sitting down next to him at the bar. “Wh-Whats wron-wrong?” she tries to sound sure of herself, tries to take away her stutter, only partially succeeding. When there is a small silence between them, she worries. Carter is never quiet. He’s fun and bouncy and happy and always has the biggest smile on his face. She loved that about him. “Wh-Whats wrong?” she repeats, really worried now, she holds his hand for support like she would a small child and tries to make eye contact. Something was very wrong.

Carter laughed darkly at her question. He looked over his shoulder and signaled to the bar tender. “Gin and tonic.” He let Belle hold his hand. It was kind of comforting, but he was so deep now that it didn’t make much difference. He took the glass from the bar tender, ignoring the expression on belle’s face and tossed it back in one go. He turned the cup upside down and placed it on the wood. He gasped and blinked a few times as the strength of the drink hit him. “I broke into my dad’s apartment.” he said quietly. Carter couldn’t look at her, he couldn’t handle her expression. Instead, he watched the over turned glass on the counter as he played with it with his free hand. “This city is haunting me.”

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{A Hundred Seperate Lines} Carter & Lexi (Event: Greece Formal)


Carter slid the knot of his tie up and adjusted it till it was acceptable. He fixed his dark hair in the mirror and removed his glasses, placing them in the case on the dresser. He took a deep breath and smiled. Tonight was the dance, and Lexi would be waiting for him. They had…

Carter cleared his throat as he heard someone approaching the door and unbolting it, prepared to explain for the tenth time why he was knocking on the wrong door. It swung open and he looked up. Relief flooded through him for a moment when he realized it was Lexi. “Oh thank God I finally f…” The end of his sentence drifted off when he really saw her. “N-nevermind m-me, you look incredible.” he almost whispered. Carter felt his face heat a bit and couldn’t understand why. His face split into a smile and his eyes softened as he looked her over. Carter reached out and took her hand, spinning her slowly like a ballerina. He handed her the flowers, a variety of white flowers wrapped in blue and white paper. “I don’t really know what they are, but they looked nice. Well, until you put them beside you, then I think I should have got something nicer.” He chuckled and put his hands in his pockets and shrugged. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. What was going on with him?

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monster: {Kaleidoscope Eyes} Carter & Lexi


Carter smiled widely. “Yeah, that’s a coincidence! Actually, most of the people I’ve talked to on the bus are form New York. It’s a nice place. I never got to see outside of the city till I was eighteen though.” His face darkened thinking about his father and his childhood….

"Yeah, the freedom is probably the bet part." Carter smiled. He was glad he had found someone with so much in common, even music and New York, probably the two things he knew the most about. He took the final sip of coffee and sighed with satisfaction. He flipped the paper cup upside down and placed in on the table. Carter laughed. "Habit," he said, fingering the cup, "picked it up while I was staying with this guy Peter in Westchester." He remembered Peter well. "He was probably my first real friend. But I left just after his girl left him. I could tell he was pretty down and wanted to be alone. It’s too bad, she was good for him." Carter smiled a sad smile thinking about them. Pete was really choked up when she left, she had said she was leaving him for someone else but wouldn’t say who. She was a great girl, funny, smart, gorgeous, plus she gave a wicked blow job and she could cook like a professional. Carter wondered why she had left, they had seemed so happy together when he met them. Carter looked back at Lexi. "Do you have any sibling?" he asked. The question was a bit out of the blue but he was curious about her.